MOT 2001 Center Piller Electric OT Table

  • We are providing SMPS based control box which can handle better Voltage Fluctuations, When SMPS is idle there is zero current consumption and saves power. These are as per new European and American standards where the idle power consumption should be zero and where transformer based system are outdated.
  • We provide remote which is ergonomically designed to have an easy and better grip with spiral cable and it has LED backlit switch with symbolic position figures making it convenient to use even in the dark.
  • We provide zero position facility i.e by pressing the single button OT Table will come to normal position.
  • We provide patient reverse orientation mode when head and leg section are interchanged.
  • We provide 2 memory function in control panel.
  • We provide indication of battery back in the second handset.
  • The Handset is designed with Back LED Indicator for better visibility.
  • Head and foot section is manually operated by the means of Ratchet System.
  • We provide Stainless steel Covered Base and Column Covers for easy cleaning and hygiene.
  • We provide Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal Mattress.
  • The motion of table is easy with double swivel castors 100mm diameter, in which 2 castors having brakes.


Technical Data

 Length of Table 1900 mm
 Width of Table Top 520 mm
 Minimum Height (without Mattress) Min. 750 mm
 Maximum Height (without Mattress) Max. 1000 mm
 Trendelenburg 25°
 Reverse Trendelenburg 25°
 Lateral Tilt +20°
 Back Section +70°
 Head Section +60°
 Leg Section 0°-90°
 Floor Locking System Center Floor Locking


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