MOT 2002 Sliding Top Electric OT Table

Salient Features

  • Encentric Pillars
  • Stainless Fitting
  • Detachable, head, leg & Pelvic section
  • Four Sectional Radio – Translucent Top.
  • Base & Cover made of attractive, easy to clean Stainless Steel.
  • Sophisticated mechanics provide smooth, step less articulation of the table Top for precise patient positioning.
  • Standby Battery Back-up with recharging circuit.


Low-Weight - OT TableCentral Floor Locking of OT Table
 Low Height  Floor Locking by Remote



 Length of Table 1900 mm
 Width of Table Top 520 mm
 Minimum Height (without Mattress) Min. 750 mm
 Maximum Height (without Mattress) Max. 1000 mm
 Trendelenburg 25°
 Reverse Trendelenburg 25°
 Lateral Tilt ±20°
 Back Section ±20°
 Head Section ±60°
 Leg Section 0°-90°
Top Sliding 5″ Reverse & 5″ Forward


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