MHF 1052 Patient Transfer Trolley

Features and Benefits:

  • Frame Made Of Rectangular/round Crca Pipes & Sheets four Section.
  • Radiolucent Top With X-ray Cassatte Holder.
  • Backrest Adjustable Via Pneumatic Pump Upto 650
  • Height Adjustable & Trendelburg/reverse Trendelburg Positions Can Be Achived By Using Dual Column Based Hydraulic Pump.
  • Knee Rest Can Be Achieved By Both Rachet Mechanism And Screw Crank Mechanism At Foot End.
  • Provided With 200 Mm Centrally Locking Mechanism Castor Wheels For Ese Of Mobility.
  • Provision For Dual Hook Foldable Iv Rods At Bothends
  • Coolapsible Type Ss Side Safety Rails
  • Dual Sided Push Handle With Heavy Pvc Cushioning.
  • Protective Dust Free Base Cover With O2 Cylinder Holder.
  • 4 Corner Are Provided With Protective Bumpers.


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