MHF 1031 Electric Obstetric table

Specification :-

Table is specifically designed for Multi-Function Electric Obstetric Table with 3 electric movements suitable for Gynaecological diagnosis and examination, Child Birth and Ceasarian Operation.

Operating Positions :-

Height adjustment, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg & back section smoothly controlled by handheld remote as well as foot switch using linear motors.
The Leg section can completely slide in under the middle section for lithotomy position or slide out into full length table as per delivery requirements.
It has 3 section upholstered table top that ensures maximum comfort to the patients.
Maintenance free lifting system with hi- precision bearings that ensures highest rigidity and smooth up & down movements.
It completes with SS 304 Grade Stainless Steel & all standard accessories.

Standard Accessories:-

‘L’ Shaped Anaesthetic Screen : 1 Pc.
Padded Shoulder Support : 1 Pair
Radio-translucent Armboard with pad : 2
Goepel Knee Crutch with straps : 1 Pair
PU Foam Mattress : 1 Set
Water proof table top cover : 1 Pc.
S.S. Douche Tray with drain pipe : 1 Pc.


Technical Specifications:-

Table Top Size (LXW) : 132  x  66 cm
Leg Section (LXW) : 55 x  60 cm
Table Top Size with Leg Section : 187 x 66 cm
Min Height : 78 cm, Max Height : 103 cm
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg : 15 Degree/15 Degree
Back Section Adjustment : +0 Degree/60 Degree
Load capacity : 180 Kg.
Power supply : 220 VAC -50Hz
Drives : Linear Actuators
Battery Backup : Upto 7 Cycles (For Emergency use only)


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