MSD-1003 Sternum Saw

1.  Sterilize temperature ≤ 135 °C (Improved type ≤ 155 °C ), if the temperature is over 135 °C, the motor will be damaged.
2.  Normal bone drill can only hold drill bits less than 6mm, acetabulum reaming drill with big torque,rpm is around 300, canulate drill is used with nail or K wire, rpm is around 600.
3.  The battery need to be get out of the power tool after surgery. Otherwise the small automatic discharge of the electric will make the life of the battery short.
4.  The battery cannot be sterilized, it is not autoclavable.
5.  The cranial bur must be washed right after the surgery by purger in order to avoid the blood stick in the bur, then we should make it dry.
6.  The battery space in the handpiece of the tool should not have any water,after sterilization.


Technical data

handpieceworking voltage14.4V
output power20W above
unit rise in temperatureless than 30 degree celcius
Chargerinput voltageAC220V/50Hz
output power14.4V,900mA
input power30VA
charging timeabout 3 hours
non-load noiseless than 75dB


           Components Quantity 
sternum saw blades2
Sterilizing channel2
Sterilization box1
Aluminum case1


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