MHF 1009 Full Fowler Bed Abs Pannel and Steel Railing


  • Full Fowler Bed Is An Ergonomically Composed.
  • Four Segment Punctured Bed Used For Knee Rest And Backrest Capacities.
  • The Beds, Which Have Been Designed Utilizing Wrenches Or Engines, Use Either Concurrent, Focal Or Individual Slowing Mechanism.
  • These Fowler Beds Are Outfitted With A Simple Lifting Or Collapsible Side Rails To Guarantee Tolerant Well being.
  • Stainless Steel Or ABS Are Utilized For The Head And Foot Boards.
  • It Is ABS Moulded.
  • Its Two Section Top Is Made Of Perforated Sheets While The Framework Is Made Of Rectangular M.S. Tubes.

Package Contains:-

  • Wheels                : 4 Wheels Fitted In Leg Stand
  • Railing                : 2 Collapsible Side Railing (1 Left + 1 Right)
  • Bed Platform      : Full Fowler Bed Platform With Fixed 2 Rod On Base
  • Handle                : 2 Stainless Steel Handle
  • Leg stand       : Two Legs Stand
  • ABS Panel       : 2 ABS PANEL (1Head & 1 Foot Side)


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